Bex Anson is a visual theatre director, scenographer and workshop leader. Inspired by science fictions, expressionism and lowbrow/ pop surrealism, she likes to make work with non-professional and professional performers, jumble up art-forms and twist audience perceptions of what performance/live experience is, often featuring physical storytelling, immersive scenography and is female-led. 

A graduate of GSA’s Painting dept (2006) she went on to co-run site specific gallery Lowsalt and 85A performance and then re train in physical theatre with the likes of Phillip Gaullier, Sabine Molenaar, Agnes Limbos, Fabrizio Montecchi, Hillary Westlake and Andrea Cabrera Luna. Bex is currently the co artist director of Megahertz Scenography and Bassline Circus (2015-present) and runs expressive arts classes for young people in Govanhill, Glasgow. 

Bex has recently been selected by Imaginate to attend the ASSITEJ World Congress and Festival for Children and Young People in Tokyo in 2020 (now postpone 2021) and is featured in CONTRA Project by Laura Murphy, a new online publication exploring creative innovation in UK circus.

Recent directing credits:
Athletes of the Night (Boomtown and Fusion Festival Germany), Boomtown Games (Boomtown Fair supported by Arts Council England) Liquid Sky (Tramway, Submerge Digital Arts Festival, Braw Circus festival supported by Creative Scotland and Swedish Arts Council), KID_X (Tramway, Assembly Roxy + 12 Date Scottish Tour), The Grinch (Govanhill Youth Club) and [ON AIR] (visual radio show that spans a Music video, radio show and live performance Bristol Pride and Glastonbury Big top circus shortlist )


MHz (Dav Bernard and Bex Anson) – Direction, Concept and Design

Megahertz is a Glasgow-based (Total Theatre) award winning scenography-centred physical theatre company. Founded in 2018, MHz is led by Creative duo Bex and Dav who have worked alongside each other for a string of companies such as: Bassline Circus, 85A Collective, The Tiger Lillies, Circolombia, Pointless Creations and Lowsalt Gallery.

The company’s work is rooted in site-specific, immersive, and multi-artform productions presented at music festivals and urban locations to audiences from varied age groups and backgrounds. This was achieved through building a reputation for collaborations with extraordinary performers, adventurous participatory endeavours and striking production values (often created with unorthodox technologies and design choices)

Recent Scenography/Directing credits include: KID_X (Made in Scotland 2019 & upcoming 12 date Scottish tour of community halls, schools and theatres (postponed 2021), VOID (a collaboration with Mele Broomes, Made in Scotland 2018 & Total Theatre award for dance), Liquid Sky (Tramway Commission with support from Creative Scotland, Cirkus Cirkor (Sweden), Submerge Digital Theatre Festival (Bristol) and recipient of a Jerwood Micro Bursary.

Hidden Architectures by Saffy Setohy, Fram & Dunt by Francesca Hyde & Ellie Dubois. Upcoming projects include scenography on GAYBOYS by Craig Manson and our new show: [dream] ENGINE: an immersive AV & Dance performance (developed with Dundee Rep, Neon Digital Arts Festival and Manipulate Festival)

The Cult of Deer Mother: all ages Xmas visual theatre production celebrating female reindeer farmers and ancient solstice rituals. Recipient of Puppet Animations Creative Fund 2020.

NTS have invited a small group of artists including Megahertz to be artist researchers and propose a new idea/project for creating socially distanced theatre.

bexanson@hotmail.co.uk// 07854860713