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‘My Bag’ Show Concept
19 June – 17 July, 2017

20 artists, 20 imagined performances
Find them on the streets of Glasgow
Curated by
Andy Field and Jackie Wylie



Arlington Baths



NVA & The Invisible College
Kilmahew/ St Peters

NVA and The Invisible College invited me to join their advisory board and to participate in workshops exploring and documenting Kilmahew forest and St Peters Seminary .  Members of the local community, artists and academics came together for 3 hands-on workshops inspired by the learning methods of The Invisible College – an “institution without walls”.

The Invisible College
First referenced in the 17th century by the natural philosopher and scientist Robert Boyle,the concept of The Invisible College was initiated by a group of intellectuals dedicated to furthering knowledge through experimental investigation. It was described as an “institution without walls” with no fixed home or declared identity. Nearly four centuries later, the idea of the college has been given a new twist with the formation of a research network that connects academics,educationalists, contemporary artists and a wide range of local people and wider communities of interest. It uses the woodlands and the partially ruined form of St Peter’s Seminary as a new centre of learning that is fluid and adaptive in its structure and programme. Live research is currently being led by different arts & humanities disciplines including geography, history, social anthropology, environmental art,landscape architecture, architecture and philosophy.
below are the short films I created:

Workshop 1
‘Surveying & Recording’

Workshop 2

For more info visit
The Invisible College
NVA-Kilmahew/St. Peters