LIQUID SKY/Direction/May 2018

Take Me Somewhere Festival, Tramway, Glasgow
2.30pm 26th May
7.30pm 27th May
In association with Bassline Circus, FERAL and NTS radio
Supported by Tramway, Cirkus Cirkör and Take Me Somewhere festival

A Ceremonial Space for Pulsating Atomic Silhouettes

How should we reach where the light is,
Come where delight is?
High on the peaks light changes,
Hope ranges.
How may we go there
Climb in the air there
Up, up, up from this flat land,
Into the high land
That is our way…
The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four, and Five
Doris Lessing

LIQUID SKY Explores the interface between new magic and ritual

Titled after the classic scanned Laser effect of swirling morphing skyscape’s. It is also the name of an 80’s cult Sci Fi movie which was inspired by the New Wave NYC party scene.

Our ceremony asks the question, what if transcendence was physically and emotionally possible? what if you could give something up and climb above the illusory Liquid Sky

Awe inspiring feats of physical strength and grace are led by sermoniser SUE ZUKI’S radiant ‘dark wave’ hymn. A throbbing yet minimal accompaniment of synthesisers and primitive drum machines to her mesmeric vocals that will raise our congregation into a fizzing euphoria.

Music composition/performance SUE ZUKI
Lasers+ Set design Jack Wrigley
Circus artist Aedín Walsh
Direction/costume  Bex Anson
Produced by Feral

Work in progress video’s






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