FLIP/ direction / 2017

In development


A musical fable of two people looking for each other through a succession of cubic visual paradoxes and impossible worlds.
Colliding the unlikely disciplines of hand balancing and Flexing (a little known dance style originating from Brooklyn), FLIP combines virtuoso circus and street dance with reactive video projection and hypnotic shadow play to create energising futuristic visions of corporeal control and shifting gravity alongside up and coming vocal sensation Eva Lazarus and her unique soulful underground sound.
FLIP combines the sharpness and poetry of visual theatre with the raw energy of live music with a show for both standing (dancing) and seated audiences in theatre venues.

Singer/Songwriter/Narrator- Eva Lazarus
Riddim’s – Mungo Hifi
Flexer – Kaner Flex
Hand Balancer- Sunniva Byvard
Direction/Costume design-Bex Anson
AV/Set design/Writer- Dav Bernard
Dramaturgy- Matt Addicott

Produced By Feral
Set design
5- Flip set