FLIP/ direction / 2017


FLIP:A Vectorised Circus Concert

Upcoming Residencies
Jacksons Lane (london) August 2017
Stratford Circus  (London) September 2017
Newcastle Under L
Platform (Glasgow) Spring 2018
CIRKUS CIRKÖR LAB (Sweden) May 2018

The fusion of dance, circus and visual arts that I saw has already created a unique experience that synergised, as well as energised, the audience. Going forward it will be exciting to see how this experience expands: as it stands it was mind-bending and virtually life-affirming.



FLIP is a musical fable of two lovers looking for each other through a succession of cubic visual paradoxes and impossible worlds. Colliding the unlikely disciplines of hand balancing , Krump and Flexing (a little known dance style originating from Brooklyn), FLIP combines virtuoso circus and street dance with reactive video projection and hypnotic shadow play.

Billed as a Vectorized Circus Concert, the show features MC Eva Lazurus backed by one of the reggae scene’s most in-demand producersMungo’s Hi-Fi, an award-winning circus performer, a street-dancing youtube sensation and imagery by BAFTA nominated Scottish animators. FLIP is aimed at urban dance, contemporary circus and music lovers as well as being suitable for young/family audiences. Designed as compact ground based show for both standing (dancing) and seated audiences in theatre venues, FLIP focuses on skill and high production values with a spirit of experimentation and minimalist design.

Singer/Songwriter/Narrator- Eva Lazarus
Riddim’s – Mungo Hifi 
Flexer – Android X
Hand Balancer- Sunniva Byvard
Direction/Costume design-Bex Anson
AV/Set design/Writer- Dav Bernard
Dramaturgy- Matt Addicott
Mentor- Adrian Berry

Produced By Feral

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