Hidden Architectures
by dance artist Saffy Setohy and sound artist/composer Jan Hendrickse.

Premiered at Dance International Glasgow
and  Greenwich DanceGreenwich Dance, Festival of Architecture.


Things untangle, things change: Andrew Edwards is mesmerised by Saffy Setohy’s “hugely generous” new performance installation at Dance International Glasgow.

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Hidden Architectures is a new interdisciplinary collaboration between choreographer Saffy Setohy and sound artist/composer Jan Hendrickse.

An immersive performance installation and sensory experience, the work features an original live score composed for dancers, prepared electric guitars, and electronics.

Hidden Architectures explores the connections and social knots that we make as humans. Driven by the interconnectivity of sound, movement & materials, it asks: What does it mean to be connected? Do our connections constrain us or liberate us? Are we ever able to act independently of one another?

Hidden Architectures is performed by pairs of people, connected mouth-to-mouth by amplified, near-invisible threads which resonate as the people fall, trace, and carve through space. A weaving of movement, sound, materials, light and environment, in conversation with and transforming each other.

Choreography: Saffy Setohy with the performers
Composer : Jan Hendrickse
Prepared Guitar: Milo Taylor
Performers: Luke Birch, Misa Brzezicki, Lucy Boyes, Aya Kobayashi, Elizabeth Rawes, Gabriela Sanchez
Producer: Sam Eccles
Lighting Design/Scenography/Costume: Dav Bernard + Bex Anson
Technical Direction: Dav Bernard

Funded by Creative Scotland through the Open Fund
Co commissioned by : Tramway, Science Gallery London
Supported by: The Work Room, Platform, SWG3, Lyth Arts Centre, Siobhan Davies Dance via the Dance Artist/Curator Mentorship Scheme, Trinity Laban, Greenwich Dance, Scottish Dance Theatre and Saltire Society








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