V/DA / SCENOGRAPHY / 2013/15

Artistically led by Mele Broomes. V/DA are interested in multi-disciplinary collaborations and working with artists from a variety of backgrounds. Their works are influenced and inspired by social politics, crossing the lines between dance, theatre, visual arts and circus.

Working closely with Mele I have realized the visual elements of a number of their shows; costumes, props, lighting and environment design


BUY THIS ! 2015 
BUY THIS! performance using movement, object manipulation and spoken word to explore the devises and absurdities of product packaging, in particular food.

Residency + Performance The Workroom, Tramway
photography Jack Wrigley
 Supported through the Creative Futures Fellowship in association with Dancebase, The Work Room, Citymoves and Dance House.

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small mel

Material Experiments.
Photography By Kim Cessford.






Behave is a live performance exploring two people’s reactions to social situations, revealing some uncomfortable behaviours as they struggle to feel real in their own skin.
A reflection on how we behave, and what we consider to be normal.

Performed by Mele Broomes & Katy Ann-Robinson
Lighting and set design Bex Anson
Arches LIVE 2013

  This is a witty and intimate study of the unconscious desire to reach out and communicate, no matter how clumsy or baffling the result. The strobing, noirish lighting is provided by Becky Anson of the wonderful 85A Collective adds a dreamlike, gorgeously surreal quality
Lorna Irvine, Across The Arts




Watch the performance here: