Bassline Circus / SCENOGRAPHY / 2014/15

Laser/Corde Lisse
Work in progress performed with
Bassline Circus Fusion/Boomtown 2014
 Conflux’s ‘Pitch‘ /85A,  The Briggait, Glasgow

A collaboration between circus artist Aedin Walsh, Lazer artist Jack Wrigley and scenographer Bex Anson. LIQUID SKY explores the interface between circus and technology, it is named after an 80’s cult sci fi movie that inspired the NYC clubbing scene. It is also a name given to a laser effect that creates a fake ceiling to mask the sky above.Together we are interested in finely tuned combinations of virtuoso acrobatics, laser pattern programming and optical costumery to create intergalactic landscapes which shift audiences perceptions of time and space.

“A visual triumph and utterly charged”   Across the Arts


Photography Sefa Ucbas


Photography Sefa Ucbas

blineboom 337

Photography Maximillion Webster



Jack Wrigley is a visual artist, soundist and theatre maker currently experimenting with laser light to create dynamic architectural performance spaces.
Aedin Walsh is a highly regarded aerial rope /dance /theatre artist currently completing a masters at DOCH circus school Sweden.


Bassline Circus presents

Supported by The English Arts Council
1 week R & D
Verbatim theater + Tech/circus experiments+Circus workshops+
at The Invisible Circus Creation Space
Bristol 22.12.2014.

Inspired by the worlds of Lego, Playmobil and Minecraft I created the backdrop and costumes for Bassline Circus’s real and virtual environments. A chorus of teenagers wrote and narrated the action while our circus performers drifted between real and imagined avatars. R&D exploring young people’s relationship to their screens.


The Chorus


Virtual Acro balance exploring long distance relationships


Real time Gaming


‘SCREENED OUT’ Game characters inspired by half fox/half teenage ninja Naruto [yellow] and Hatsune Miku a ‘Vocaloid’ humanoid persona representing a singing synthesizer software [turquoise].


Costumes inspired by motion tracking suits used to map human movements for 2D and 3D animations.


Lego backdrop


Jack da Hatz Marvel costume

Creative Team

Director Catrin Osborne
Choreography Dela Seward
AV /Mapping Dav Bernard
LX design Charlie
Costume/back drop Bex Anson
Lasers Jack Wrigley
LED sculpture + kinect Robbie Thomson
Riggers Saul, Zeff and Pemma
Costume assistants Jazz and Imogen




Fusion Festival, Germany and Boomtown Fair, uk

Bassline Circus @ Fusion Festival June 2014

Bassline returned for its 3rd year to Fusion festival. Set within an East German airfield this strictly vegetarian music festival is run by an a collective called Kulturekosmos- now in its 18th year. Non profit, no sponsors, no cops, and they don’t release the music lineup until the festival starts. Smart stuff.

Fusion show reel:


Boomtown showreel:

MUSIC LINE UP Boomtown:Ms Dynamite- Eats Everything – Special Request – Friend Within – Dub Phizix & Strategy   Mele’ & Slick Don – Stanton Warriors – Zed Bias – My Nu Leng – Om Unit-Swindle & Royal T – Kahn And Neek-Sam Binga & Redders – DJ Champion – Chimpo – Kry Wolf – The Busy Twist

Circus Performers 

the show


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