85A Collective/ Artist / 2008-15

“Cue 85A Collective, a group from Glasgow who stage elaborate happenings which are part art installation and part theatrical event, with elements of music, film and puppetry thrown into the mix” The Scotsman

85A Sound/Art/Performance collective

Founding member and contributing artist
More info at www.85A.org.uk

85A are a tight-knit brood of multidisciplinary artists. With their own crossover brand of visual art, music and performance, and with 20 provocative shows since 2008, they have established themselves as Glasgow’s most irreverent cultural agitators.

Here is our projects showreel from 2010-15

My role flowed between producing, performing, co-directing performers, curating, stage-managing, driving the van and cooking some grub.

Glasgow Film and 85A present:
26th July | Clydeside Amphitheatre, 2014


CamCargAction - eoincarey_0069_large

CamCargAction - eoincarey_0055_large

85A + Glasgow Film ‘Cargo,Camera…ACTION!’ photo Eoin Carey

85A’s Dark Behaviour
  BEHAVIOUR festival, The Arches 2014

Dance / live drawing performance
part of 85A’s Dark Behaviour
The Arches, Glasgow
Co devised By Bex Anson & Mele Broomes [V/DA]
accompanied on trumpet by Chas Frazer.

A homage to surrealist automatic drawing and Oskar Schlemmers Triadisches Ballett (1927) . Together they will roll out , trill, stab and de-construct the geometry of the arabesque.

85A's Dark Behaviour @ The Arches. 02/04/1485A's Dark Behaviour @ The Arches. 02/04/14 85A's Dark Behaviour @ The Arches. 02/04/1485A's Dark Behaviour @ The Arches. 02/04/14

you can see the video here:

85A's Dark Behaviour @ The Arches. 02/04/14

Masked hostess

Video here:



Face Swap : interactive bouffon performance Performed By Sita Pieraccini & Florencia García Chafuén


85A’s Dark Behaviour family portrait Photo James Wilson

The MASK PIT part of 85A’s
A morphing, elastic arena, recognised by its barbed wire, hypnotic sequenced lighting, and fierce physical performance

…Teetering on the edge of civilization, beneath the tidal flows of technology, led by a gang of costumed outcasts, geishas and gichts in the blackened folds of our metropolis, bursts…
‘85A’s RENEGADE MASKERRADE’, where the engine oil liquor flows like wormwood from the skies and your dreams are full of bare-footed voodoo sex.
This mad subterranean bar in the hidden depths of the near-future, enveloped by flotsam, jetsam and incubuses of the night, is only eclipsed by the ravishing, sand-strewn fashions of these exotic denizens as they lose themselves in the pulsing lights and glide uninhibited along the alluring catwalk into the frenzy of the Mask Pit!


There’s a real feeling of uncertainty – what the hell is this joint, anyway? Maybe it’s a private club where everyone goes back in time to Weimar Germany, when art was political and genuinely subversive.
***** The Skinny

heather sm

FlyingDuck video:

85A's Presents Chernozem. 29th March. 2013

Chain Gang Krump


Goddess Paraphillia

85A’s Herbaceous Barbershop
Punk hairdressers at NVA’s urban growing festival,Tramway 2010
Boomtown Festival, Winchester 2013
Fusion Festival, Germany 2015


Dillion GIsh: Herbaceous Barber NVA/Tramway 2010

herbacious newspaper clip

Saturday Herald, 2010

CHERNOZEM [black earth]
Industrial horror film by Judd Brucke 2012
Silent perfomer


‘Hope and Charity’ Siamese twin performance with Anna Tanner

CHERNOZEM still -Hope + Charity II



85A ‘Mask Pit[ch] Workshop/Perfomance
Glasgow’s genre bending arts collective 85A & guests present ‘Mask Pit[ch]: a one off promenade event of new/in progress ‘Masks and Masking’ themed performances for Conflux

PITCH program(Quarterly event for artists, companies, producers, venues and anyone else  interested in the physical performance community)

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 12.19.54

85A’s Voltage and Vitalism
Kelvingrove Museum 2011
Vaudeville performer


Magicians assistant with Drew Taylor Electric vaudevillian stage show


 85A’s The Crusher!
Human Sacrifice Ritual 2012
Performer and co-deviser


Ritual dancers of the Lord Master Mu Mu

Halloween ball, Berkley Suite 2011


Masked servant

 85A’s Buzz or Howl‘HEXENTANZE’
performed with Judd Brucke 2010


Paper sabbat

85A presents: JAN SVANKMAJER
immersive short films screening event 2012


Secret Agents

/ Mask Pit I &II 2014


85A's Presents Chernozem.29th March. 2013

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