Lowsalt / curatorial / 2006-10

LOWSALT gallery 2006-2010
Co run by Bex Anson & Krisdy Schindler (Chloe Brown 2006-07)
Technical Direction Dav Bernard
Supported by Scottish Arts Council


Lowsalt was an artist-run, non-profit, gallery that created over 30 site-specific art shows in Scotland since 2006.  Lowsalt’s lively program aimed to capture the spirit of an independent, self-serving community by encouraging artists and collectives to take greater control of the infrastructure and context of each project. The gallery focused on group shows and worked with 80+ emerging and established artists, as well as students, from Glasgow and further afield; with a range of projects including mobile cinema, inflatable public sculptures, erotic literature, drawing battles, experimental street theatre, and finally Glasgow’s first sculpture garden. Embracing a grassroots ethos and thriving off a sense of occasion, Lowsalt experimented with portable and low impact technologies, allowing us to site projects in unconventional venues such as derelict factories, Victorian music halls, walled city centre car parks and abandoned urban wastelands. The Lowsalts website is home to an extensive video and photo archive of all previous happenings

here’s a small selection of our projects:

Dilapidated Sculpture Garden
Commissioned by Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010

“In a patch of wasteland infested with Japanese knotweed, the artist group Lowsalt had hacked back the bushes to create an entertaining, if silly, dystopian sculpture garden ”
Frieze Magazine

 Coming out of Jimmie Durham’s exhibition at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, I found myself in a patch of feral wasteland next to a railway line. Choked with Japanese knotweed, this is Vestiges Park. Strange, mirrored figures stand in the weeds, reflecting the branches. Side tables and other domestic furniture dangle from trees. There are monsters and mushrooms: it is enjoyable nonsense. Unidentifiable burps, groans and other fanciful animal chatter rise from the undergrowth; a disembodied voice emanating from a hole in the ground talks about eating property developers and committing other laudably foul acts. There is something of the Provo spirit in this project, curated by the artist-run Glasgow gallery Lowsalt.
Adrian Searl The Guardian

Lowsalt worked with 16 Glasgow-based artists to collectively take over half an acre of scrubland in the Finneston area of the city. Vestiges Park featured sculptural life forms inspired by the publication ‘Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation’, written (anonymously) by Scottish journalist Robert Chambers in 1844

vestiges park _gates

‘Chambers Colosseum’ fence by ACD Ferguson and  ‘Sans Serif in Rust’ gates by Judd Brucke

…and if you cannot find us it is because we have fallen off your maps”  Vestiges Park is a chimera – there and not there – dare to find us, dare to enter and let us take you to the edgelands…

 Vestiges video here:


Dada inspired street theatre adapted from Joseph Conrad’s novel ‘The Secret Agent’
Directed by Raydale Dower & Judd Brucke
Commissioned by Glasgow International Festival Visual Arts 2008
Produced By Lowsalt

video from the opening night:


As beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table Lautreamont, The Chants Maldoror

Last Tango In Partick was a group show by twelve artists based in Glasgow invited by Lowsalt to make site-responsive art works at The Now Museum. Directional light, musical cues and movable walls where used to usher an audience around, collectively staging a dramatic and shifting environment to reveal artists works.

Bobby Nivan’s ‘Renfrew Street Social Club’
Lowsalt gallery , renfrew street

‘Black Fires’
Iain Kettles
Inflatable mobile sculptures
Glasgow International Festival Visual Arts 2008


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