Banners + perfomance

painterly experiments and gender discourse 2006-09

The Joy Of Hating
Glasgow School of Art Degree show, 2006

Encouraging critical reflection mixed with feelings of unease, Bex Anson’s painting link droll observations of everyday life with ironic commentary regarding gender roles inherent in today’s society. Interested in re-visiting the pathos of a baroque aesthetic she plays with the process of image construction and the artifice of the mass media. Her paintings echo and argue with post-feminist dialogues, using text and figures to reflect on explicit themes in tabloid newspapers and the rise of Internet pornography addiction. Building images that refer to and draw on the concerns of women’s lives she is interested in offering an alternative voice to the mainstream, which is often

co-opted by popular culture often at the expense of a masculinised social and cultural hierarchy



The Awesome Roots Of Activism!
A series of multi-coloured banners made for the Launch of the
’16 Days of Action Against ‘ campaign, 2007.
Aimed to be informative hangings highlighting peoples basic human rights while uniting and applauding the diversity of women’s rights activists from around the world.

The banners have since been gifted and archived at Glasgows Women’s library


Throb Performance/Club night
Collaboration with Dav Bernard

“JUST VIDEO WALLPAPER” was an installation project that merged painting and video to create a graphic and lighting crossover that is particularly suited to environments that are too bright for conventional video screens or that need to look good in as a backdrop & flash photography.Several banners can be placed around a space creating a pattern reminiscent of wallpaper design.

This first collaboration between video artist Dav (Pointless Creations) and painter Bex (Lowsalt) was created for the Throb art/club event that took place at “the Flying Duck” in Glasgow.You can read an essay entitled “visual wallpaper” here:



Based on our video banners concept, Glow More Nails is an Audio-Visual performance
combining action painting, live construction and choreographed video mapping.
The central structure incorporates a 1970’s tent frame reclaimed from Glastonbury’s aftermath and imagery created with PVC tape, spray smoke, price guns and silicon sealant…


Pictures of the ALT-W/CCA show (sept 08) by Spudd
This project has been supported by Scottish Arts Council whilst on residency with Bassline Circus.